Jones Law Office, P.A.


Representative Matters

Served as Debtor's counsel for individual chapter 11 debtor and was successful in confirming Debtor's plan.

Represented landlord and minority shareholder in sale of assets of company.

Frequently represents individuals and corporations in the defense of avoidance actions.

Represented cacao related product manufacturer as assignor's counsel in Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors proceeding.

Represented trustees and defendants in large fraudulent transfer and preference action involving complex legal issues.

Represented principal of chapter 11 debtor that guaranteed the debtor's loans in the debtor's bankruptcy proceedings.

Represents former principal of chapter 11 debtor

Represents chapter 7 trustee as general counsel in an individual's case

Represented subcontractor in chapter 7 liquidation of mixed use property.

Represents large credit card company as local counsel in bankruptcy preference and fraudulent transfer litigation matters.

Represented assignor bedding manufacturer in Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors proceeding.

Represented Assignee in Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors proceeding of cable television station.

Represents and represented landlords in bankruptcy proceedings of their tenants.

Represented Fontainebleau Las Vegas Holdings, LLC and affiliates as debtors' counsel in their Chapter 11 proceedings. 

Represented the Plan Administrator of Post Effective Date L&H, the successor of the debtor Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products NV, formerly one of Belgium´s largest companies that filed for bankruptcy in the United States, as general counsel, in all matters of administration including claims objections, distributions, certain tax issues and international insolvency issues.

Represented a national servicer of commercial mortgages in Blockbuster Video, Borders, Inc., A&P, and Circuit City bankruptcy cases.

Served as debtors' counsel to Cordia Communications Corp. and certain of its affiliates in the Middle District of Florida. The debtors were Competitive Local Exchange Companies that leased local area telephone lines from Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers such as Verizon and sold telephone services to their own customers.

Represented the Unsecured Creditors Committee in Atlas Air, Inc., as local counsel, which resulted in unsecured creditors obtaining majority ownership of the reorganized debtor in one of the fastest reorganizations nationwide for a company of its size.

Served as debtor's counsel to TradeWinds Airlines, Inc., an air cargo carrier that provided airport-to-airport service to the air freight community and flew six A-300 aircraft, in its chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Represented the debtor in Green Isle Partners Ltd., the owner of the Ritz-Carlton San Juan, in all aspects of its chapter 11 case. 

Represented a number of creditors, including one of the largest unsecured creditors, in CHS Electronics, Inc., and prevailed on the defense of objections to multi-million dollar claims. 

Represented secured creditor of South Beach hotel and was successful in having trustee appointed.

Represented liquidating trustee in the bankruptcy cases SunCruz Casinos, LLC and JAB America, Inc., on various matters, including the prosecution of claim objections.  

Represented liquidating trustee in the Crown Paper Co., and Crown Vantage, Inc., case with respect to certain claims objections.

Represented medical rehabilitation corporation, as assignor, through assignment for the benefit of creditors proceeding.

Represented the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Poinciana Development Co. II, Inc., which was a developer of almost 500 single family homes in Southwest Miami-Dade County, Florida, but ran out of construction financing to complete the development of the last 34 homes it was under contract to build.